The map system was created using a combination of multiple pre-existing systems to have as little resource cost as possible. This map system uses our camera manager to get information from the room that they player has just entered, since the manager is already pinging rooms to see if it needs to zoom in or out based on the room's back wall distance. With this information from the camera manager, the system will check if it is still the same room from the last ping, and if it isn't then the map will use that room's identifier to create the image with the same identifier on the map at that room's relative position. On an image with a scroll rect component, allowing it to be dragged around to see every part of the map. 
All of the rooms on the map were created using a 9-slice and building shapes accurate to the in-game rooms. 
The map system took only about a week to create, with asset creation taking longer than the scripting of the system took.
 None of the game levels, nor the border and background of the map UI were my creations.

Level 01

Map of level 01

Level 02

Level 02 Map

level 03

level 03 Map

level 04

level 04 Map

With our artists being overwhelmed it came to the designers to create a moderate amount of the more minor UI elements. The creation of our Title, load screen, splash screen, tutorial, and all map UI rooms were given to me as tasks. This became our load screen to make sure that players knew exactly what the buttons on their screen did without needing to give an excessive tutorial for such simple controls.
All assets beyond this point that are displayed is solely implementation done by myself. I do not claim to have had any part in the creation of these assets, simply the implementation of them.

New Player HUD

Old Player HUD

New Sword UI

Old Sword UI

New Ability UI

Old Ability UI

New Settings UI

Old Settings UI

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